FREE Pick Up & Delivery All Year Round

It’s super simple to store your property with Kinkell Storage in St Andrews. Read our steps below for more information and contact us today if you have any questions

  • Building your boxes

    The boxes arrive with you flat packed –  with the tape provided please properly seal the bottom flaps of the box, making sure they are properly secured – the tape is free so please use as much as you need.   Finally, when you are finished packing seal the top of the box with tape.

  • Packing your boxes


    It is important not to put too much weight in any one box.   Please try and spread heavier items across different boxes to even out the weight.   A good guide is that you should be able to carry each box.   Please don’t overfill the boxes, the top needs to be flat so that we can stack the boxes on top of each other in the van and in storage.

    Please do not put any items in the box which are damp as, over the summer, this will affect other items in that box.

    While we handle everything carefully it is sensible to individually wrap delicate or fragile items within the boxes.   Please also mark any box with breakable items as “FRAGILE”.

  • Marking your boxes

    When your boxes are collected they will all be marked with a unique number which also matches the number of the receipt which you will be given on collection.   If you want to mark your boxes with your name that is a help but not essential.

    We use the receipt number to identify all your items and it is a great help if you can keep this noted to use when arranging re-delivery of your boxes.